Nutrition and COVID-19

Older individuals are much more susceptible to COVID-19.  This can exist because the USDA nutritional guidelines may be in error.  Once thought “non-essential” nutrition is now termed “conditionally essential in older individuals.”  Very old individuals even appear to be starving.  With unmet protein intake, the body borrows amino acids from structure to manufacture peptides critical for function …and immune components essential to life.

Hypertension and diabetes, both factors behind poor outcomes in COVID-19, are seen as the first diseases of age.  Each can be triggered by a lack of peptide production. This may be due to a lack of the amino acids necessary to manufacture peptides controlling each process.  As genes remain undamaged, aging could be epigenetic.  Lack of adequate amino acids would prevent even perfect RNA from being able to make enough peptides …or essential immune components.

The root cause of age-related protein starvation remains under investigation. However, patent pending formulations of essential nutrients are demonstrated to be internally absorbed. 

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